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The Hurdle

When Justice launched its Repreve® Denim collection (jeans made of recycled materials) I was tasked with speaking to the collection’s environmental attributes while adhering to strict legal guidelines. This collection was also a collaboration, which meant all content also had to route through Repreve’s marketing and legal channels for approvals. 


The Run

I leaned into the truth about the product (it was made of 18% recycled materials) and focused on the environmental benefits customers could be proud of. With so many guardrails in place due to legal restraints and the collaboration, this was the best stance to take. I also had to choose language carefully because so many brands were under fire for greenwashing at the time.  


The Jump

With the tagline, “this is more than new denim; it’s new possibilities” I positioned the collection as the first of many to contain recycled materials. And as anticipated, the success of the collection opened doors for a second and third Repreve® collaboration for fall and winter outerwear collections, respectively.

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