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The Hurdle

As a fashion brand that was primarily brick and mortar, Justice had to shift its resources to the digital landscape in reaction to the pandemic. Because associates could no longer provide face-to-face customer service, I concepted editorial content to boost morale, cultivate the connection with Justice’s target market, and create learning moments for Justice girls. 


The Run

I lead a team of writers, designers, strategists, and other cross-functional partners to create content around diversity including Black Lives Matter, Hispanic Heritage Month, and achievements of women around the world—which is imperative for a girl’s brand.


The Jump

I created informative copy with the aim to educate. Not only was I allowed to offer my perspective as the only POC in my department, but I also had the opportunity to listen and learn. Many of my coworkers expressed questions and concerns on different, diverse matters. I had questions of my own. This campaign was truly about empathy. It also gave me experience with refining my lens concerning content about communities I am not a part of—such as the LGBTQIA+ and Hispanic communities. For instance, the original strategy for Hispanic Heritage month only highlighted Mexican women. This was unintentional, but while doing my research I noticed and was able to point out the issue to my cross-functional strategy partner. This resulted in revising the lineup of women we featured to be more inclusive of Hispanic women of different origins. It also reiterated the importance of fact checking.



Women's Equality Day


Hispanic Heritage Month Stories

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