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The Hurdle

The introduction of this athleisure capsule collection focused on its cool vibe, elevated details, and supreme quality. The collection also sells at a higher price point than the rest of Justice’s assortment. 


The Run

My vision was to create a brand-within-a-brand moment by curating language that was completely different from Justice’s brand voice. It was also necessary to finesse the copy in a way that highlights the collection without cannibalizing other Justice fashion.


The Jump

I tapped into verbiage that would interest Justice girls. As a girl’s brand, I had to follow strict child-protection laws (COPPA) that prohibit directly speaking to children in marketing. But by using slang and an edgy voice—which isn’t typical for the brand—I found a way to interest Justice girls without raising red flags. The language appealed to both parent and girl as a unit. This not only allowed the brand to do what it wants to do—but isn’t allowed to do (market directly to girls), but it also created a togetherness moment for parent and girl to shop. 

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